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Glossary of Casino Terms


Since Android devices are now as popular as iOS devices, virtually all online casinos also allow mobile games with an Android device. Learn more about Android casinos here.


A bankroll, or bankroll as it is also called, is the player’s financial basis and thus the capital that he has the intention to use during his game. It is of the utmost importance to manage your bankroll properly if you do not want to risk losing the entire amount, especially in poker games.


This is the betting equivalent of the casino bonus. You can thus get to know different bonuses on betting sites by making deposits. 


This is really a classic form of betting, with the only difference being that it happens online. You can bet on most things really, but the most popular bets are sports like hockey, MMA matches, football and handball. You therefore bet on the outcome of a match, who or who wins.


A Popular game where one or more bingo cards must fill at least one row to win. Randomly selected number combinations are called up and you win by having a chip with the right combination of these random numbers.


Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular card games. In short, it is about getting a hand with as close to 21 points as possible. The very best thing is to get exactly 21 points, and if you happen to get 22 points or more, it is calcined to get “thick”. For this reason, the game is also called precisely 21. You play against a dealer in blackjack.


One of the oldest strategies for winning in blackjack is to count the cards that the dealer issues to the players. This is a variant that was put into systems on our physical online casinos, and was the result that the dealer can now switch cards at any time during the game. Card counting is not possible at an online casino.

BLACKJACK STRATEGY – even in blackjack, since the beginning of the game, they have tried to find a winning strategy. You simply want to increase your chances of winning by using one. If you are interested in playing blackjack with a strategy, there are several different options to choose from.

BONUS SYMBOLS – symbols on slot machines that, in a winning combination, unlock a bonus. When you choose to play on machines with bonuses, these are the symbols you want to appear on the reels to unlock profit-generating features.

CASH BACK – a much appreciated feature that gives back part or all of the lost amount to the user.

CASH DROP – a rather unusual type of promotion, which means that the casino randomly distributes a certain amount of money to a player.

CASHIER – the electronic bank used to make a deposit into their gaming account using credit cards, bank transfers or e-wallets. The vast majority of online casinos offer many different payment methods when making a deposit.

CASH-OUT – a relatively new phenomenon at betting companies that means you can close your bet prematurely against a smaller portion of the calculated winnings.

EXPANDING WILD – an expanding type of wild. This has the same function as the above symbols but with the finesse of being able to expand over the entire wheel row, either from the top down or to both sides.

FREE SPINS – means that you get a certain number of free spins on one or more slot machines. Although these spins do not cost the player anything out of their own pocket, they have the same chances of winning as if they were playing for real money. Free spins are often offered to new users at casinos, but there is also plenty of opportunity for these in the form of a special feature in slot machines. Sometimes some requirements are included to be able to withdraw any winnings generated by these free spins. Free spins are a great way to get to know a new casino or game that you might not choose in normal cases. These tend to be valid on big favorites such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Warlords – Power of Crystals. Read more about freespins here.

FREE SPINS WITHOUT DEPOSIT – This means that you can access a certain number of free spins without having to make a deposit. You can thus spin the reels completely free of charge, with the same profit opportunities as when you play money from your own casino account. These spins are usually offered in conjunction with opening a new account at an online casino.

FREE SPINS WITHOUT TURNOVER – it is common for certain requirements to be included when taking free spins. However, free spins with no turnover means that all winnings made when the free spin ends are transferred to the real casino account. You are therefore free to spend these winnings, however you wish.

FREE BONUS – a free bonus is a type of bonus that players are allowed to take

HIGHROLLER – a highroller is a person who bets very high sums on his playing. It is not uncommon for SEK 300,000 per game – or more. These types of players are often treated as royalties at our casinos and receive numerous rewards and customized offers such as free access to VIP rooms, travel and even their own jets.

THE HOUSE – when you name the house at a casino it is the casino you are referring to. If the “house” wins a round of blackjack, for example, then it means that the player has lost the current round and all bets go to the casino.

DEPOSIT BONUS – this is a type of bonus that is activated when you make a deposit. Often the above mentioned welcome bonuses are of this type of bonus, but it is also common for users to be offered these bonuses even at later times. These are often very generous offers, such as a 100% match on the amount deposited. Read more about bonuses here

iPAD CASINO – Again, the same principle applies to the two versions above. More and more people prefer to play through their tablets today, which is allowed by almost all online casinos.

IPHONE CASINO – if a mobile casino allows users to play from their iPhone then these are called the iPhone casino. Almost all online casinos allow this today. Read more about iPhone casinos here.

JACK VEGAS – a well-known slot machine that you usually see in the pub or on a cruise ship. In fact, many of the slot machines available on our online casinos today have taken inspiration from this particular slot machine. Unfortunately, Jack Vegas itself is not available to play online, but only in physical form. Some of the slot machines that are reminiscent of Jack Vegas are the Frog Hunt online, Diamond Dogs and Gold Rush – to name but a few.

KENO – today there are many different versions of this popular game to choose from online. Broadly speaking, it is about puncturing as many right as possible. You choose a number of different digit combinations in advance, whereupon randomly selected digit combinations are called out and hopefully give a winning combination.

LIVE CASINO – a new variation of games that has become very popular over the past year. It’s a real-time game, with a real dealer and sometimes real opponents. You sit down at a digital table and play live using a webcam.

LIVE BETS – Betting on live bets is basically the same principle as betting on regular odds. The difference here is that you play in real-time matches. Many people appreciate this type of odds very much because you can lower your odds if something unexpected happens during the match. Another crucial reason why this is a popular type of odds is the thrill of predicting the outcome of the match while it is still ongoing.

LIVESTREAMING – this is a service offered by more and more of our casinos online. This service is advantageously combined with live betting, since the service means that you can watch live games on the casino’s website and in this way follow the results.

LOYALTY PROGRAM – using different types of loyalty programs, casinos are ways to show their appreciation to returning users. You are simply rewarded for playing regularly. Often, the rewards include free bonus money, free spins or other nice offers.

LOYALTY POINTS – With an increasing number of online casinos, you are rewarded with loyalty points if you regularly log in to your account and play. Once you have accumulated a certain number of these points, you can exchange these for example free spins or bonus money. The conditions for getting these loyalty points look a little different at different casinos. Some only require that you log in regularly on the website, while others require that you play for a special amount during a specified time frame.

MOBILE CASINO – this term means that the casino is available in a mobile version. Demand has grown tremendously in recent years and most online casinos offer this version today. You no longer have to sit at a computer to play at an online casino, but it is enough to have a mobile phone with internet connection in order to play. Some online casinos have special apps that you can quickly download and play, but it is also great to open the casino’s website directly in their browser and start playing. Most games are available

NODEPOSIT – nodeposit means, in pure translation, no deposit. A nodeposit bonus thus gives players different types of bonuses with no deposit requirement. This is often about a smaller amount of money deposited into the gaming account in connection with a new registration or a smaller number of free spins on a specified slot machine. Using nodeposit bonuses is a great way to get acquainted with a new casino before deciding whether or not to make a deposit. Read more about nodeposit here.

ODDS – this is most easily described as the ratio of profit to loss. If the odds of a specific football match are high, then the odds on these odds will also be high – and vice versa. It is the gaming companies that set these odds using a variety of factors. Examples of these crucial factors are the current players’ condition and health status, how previous matches have ended and which have scored the most goals.

TURNOVER REQUIREMENTS – when choosing to accept a bonus, sometimes a specific turnover is required. By turnover you mean that any possible winnings made with the help of free spins or with bonus money must be won back, traded, a certain number of times before being allowed to withdraw. These wagering requirements can vary greatly from one casino to another. Some casinos have no turnover requirements at all, while others require turnovers up to x50. If you do not have a proper control of the current bonus’s turnover requirements, this can mean that you happen to suffer boring surprises when it is time to make a withdrawal.

PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT – a type of jackpot that is constantly growing as users play on it. It tends to be about a staggering million. Examples of popular variants with this jackpot are Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and Arabian Nights. Many of these games also have several different pots that you can win. This means that interest is maintained among the players. Even if you win one of the smaller pots, they are also usually able to make ridiculously large sums of profit. In particular, there is a slot machine with a progressive jackpot that has since resulted in the largest number of million wins, namely Mega Fortune.

RELOAD BONUS – a reload bonus is intended for a casino to notify the user when there is a bonus available in connection with a new deposit. Thus, it is a refill bonus that provides an extra addition to the gaming account. These are usually communicated via email or sms and means that you never have to miss a good offer. A prerequisite for taking advantage of these reload bonuses can usually be that you have ticked that function in conjunction with your registration at the current casino. If you have missed that setting at the time of registration, you can change this afterwards. Read more about bonuses here

RE-SPIN – a feature found in some slot machines. These re-spins mean you get a free spin at every win. So with a little luck this can mean a lot of free spins. Some of the slots that offer these re-spins also have a multiplier feature that maximizes the winnings for each re-spin.

ROULETTE – a game that many people immediately associate with Las Vegas casinos. The game involves a dealer throwing a ball in a rotating bowl. This bowl consists of different compartments with numbers and colors and as a player you bet on where the ball will eventually stop. You can choose to bet on numbers between 0-36, black or red.

ROULETTE STRATEGY – ever since this game made its entry into casinos, different strategies have been tried to win. If you are interested in testing any strategy in roulette, there are a plethora of strategies to choose from.

RTP – stands for return to player, or in Swedish again to the player. This shows how much profit you have on the current slot machine. If a slot machine has a RTP of 96%, then that means that the player in theory wins back SEK 96 out of 100 invested bets.

SCATTER – is a symbol that usually appears on slot machines. In a winning combination of these scatters, usually three symbols on one and the same spin, different types of bonuses and extra games are activated. It’s often about bonus games or free spins.

SLOTS – this is a common term in our online casinos aimed at slot machines or slot machines with spinning reels, various paylines and symbols found in casinos. Slots are controlled by random generators, which means that anyone can win the highest possible profit at any time. So no special knowledge or experience is required to win big on slots.

SPREADING WILD – has the same function as a regular wild but can spread to adjacent wheels. STICKY WILD – this is another type of wild symbol. It has the same function as a regular wild but stays on the helper pair for several turns to increase the chances of winning.

TOURNAMENTS – tournaments, or contests, are something that is regularly organized by our online casinos. In these tournaments, all players are welcome to participate, and not infrequently there are incredibly good prizes in the prize pool. Some online casinos offer these tournaments on a daily basis in the form of various assignments that the users have to complete. It is usually very much appreciated and makes every day at the casino different from the previous day.

VIDEO POKER – a game that combines poker and slot machines. In short, you can say that you play poker on a slot machine. The biggest difference between regular poker and video poker is that in this variant you play against a machine instead of against real opponents. This type of poker also does not place the same kind of experience and knowledge requirements on the player, as all cards are randomly selected and therefore not affected by the previous round.

VIP CLUB – in some casinos, those who play very few can join a special VIP club. By being part of such a club, you can be rewarded with, among other things, exclusive travel, concert or match tickets, priority in various kinds of engagement and much more.

PROFITS – lines of pay, or paylines as they are also called, are a predetermined line on a slot machine that generates winnings based on the winning combinations that occur. The pay lines usually go from left to right, but there are some slot machines that give profits from both directions. The big favorite Starburst is one of these.

WELCOME BONUS – this aims at the very first bonus you are offered when you open an account at a new online casino. These tend to be very generous and are often the biggest bonus offered. The majority of online casinos offer less bonuses simply by registering a new account with them. If you then choose to make a deposit to get started with your gambling, you are almost always offered a juicy welcome bonus. These can mean that the casino doubles – or triples – the very first deposit. It can also mean that the player unlocks a certain number of free spins through a first deposit. It is common for these two types to be combined, which is usually appreciated. Many online casinos split their welcome bonus, or welcome pack as it is also called. This means that you can take advantage of different offers on several separate deposit occasions. Read more about bonuses here.

WAGERING REQUIREMENT – this term refers to the amount you need to deposit to unlock a special bonus. Usually it is about SEK 200. In connection with the bonus offer, there is usually information about the minimum approved amounts to deposit to be eligible for the bonus in question. Read more about sales requirements here.

WILD – this is a very popular symbol that often appears on the helper pair. They work by replacing all other symbols, except for scatter. This increases the user’s chances of winning significantly and can mean high sums of money in a winning combination.

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